Ok this is all funny but like really they gotta fix this lol * * * {#avengers #marvel #endgame #thewintersoldier #ironman #hulk #blackwidow #hawkeye #chrisevans #sebastianstan #ro...

Ok this is all funny but like really they gotta fix this lol * * * { #avengers #marvel #endgame #thewintersoldier #ironman #hulk #blackwidow #hawkeye #chrisevans #sebastianstan #robertdowneyjr #markruffalo #scarlettjohansson #jermeyrenner #steverogers #buckybarnes #tonystark #brucebanner #natasharomanoff #clintbarton #thor #loki #ryanreynolds #chrishemsworth }

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Joshua Nai™ 魏🍙 @0ojin_

@elinta.elinta.elinta hi, second one is worth tagging u😂

🇻🇳🏳️‍🌈 @helenabui_

Tom Holland yes maybe I little over hyped by fangirls, still does a hella killer job in the movies and the moves themselves are amazing, so now they gonna go to shit lmao

jo @joanna.lien

@shxrontan omg

art_with_elise @art_with_elise

Hi there! I'm a 14yo girl from Belgium with an art account and i would appreciate it if you could check my page out! Sorry if this bothers anyone:)

tis me @_emmaleebeck

tbh i don’t think it’s gonna last. there’s too much money on the line for both sides and especially w the response from the fans. they have a while to figure it out.

Mac-i-e @maciebrynnn

Guys it’s actually Disney’s fault. They mistreated Stan Lee and the Marvel producer from Sony who worked on FFH, and Sony wasn’t having it. Also Disney tried to go back on their agreement to take 5% of FFH profit and DEMANDED Sony give them 50%. If anyone is to blame for this is the fooolery Disney is on, acting high and mighty. There needs to be an agreement but let’s get one thing straight... Sony is not the ones to be mad at

Alex Romero @rx3la

@maciebrynnn nope Disney wanted to pay 50% of production cost and asked for 30% profit they also never mistreated Stan ler

Emily LoPorto @emilyauroraaa

Wait wait what happened someone explain

fuck gender @gear.face

Honestly if this whole thing crashes and burns and fucks up both companies imma cheer

fuck gender @gear.face

@emilyauroraaa Disney is being an Evil Corporation™ and Sony is being Evil Corporation but Smaller™ and so they're having a hissy fit over how much money they steal from each other over spooder movies

Qorin @qorinlh

Well not just the villains. Basically the root of the story changed bc everything essential about the current spidey connected to mcu :( God, this' saad.

eee-shuh @esha_katare

this was what i was talkin bout lmao @raeraeerickson

Rachel @raeraeerickson

@esha_katare y cant they talk about him😰

Lucky Leons @lluckyleons

@qorinlh They can just continue with the expose-storyline because Mysterio is a Sony character.

Lucky Leons @lluckyleons

@rx3la You think paying 50% of production cost is a good deal? Sony doesn’t give a fuck about 80 million. They give a fuck when a huge ass company gets 180 extra millions.

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