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This is great lol * * * { #avengers #marvel #endgame #thewintersoldier #ironman #hulk #blackwidow #hawkeye #chrisevans #sebastianstan #robertdowneyjr #markruffalo #scarlettjohansson #jermeyrenner #steverogers #buckybarnes #tonystark #brucebanner #natasharomanoff #clintbarton #thor #loki #ryanreynolds #chrishemsworth }

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comicbook junkie 15 @comicbook_junkie_15

@damienbrown123 a) bullshit. And just sell him to Disney cause they are fucked now

Damien Brown @damienbrown123

@comicbook_junkie_15 Disney gets control of Spiderman it's over trust me you won't want it.

comicbook junkie 15 @comicbook_junkie_15

@damienbrown123 better than wot Sony is gonna do and has done. And marvel studios are better at this than Sony. They actually give a shit about the character's so it's better off with them

Damien Brown @damienbrown123

@comicbook_junkie_15 they don't give a shit about the characters they care about the money they only care about the characters who make them money

comicbook junkie 15 @comicbook_junkie_15

@damienbrown123 that's Sony dude . Marvel studios actually give a a shit

Damien Brown @damienbrown123

@comicbook_junkie_15 trust me they dont they even treated Stan Lee like shit

comicbook junkie 15 @comicbook_junkie_15

@damienbrown123 ok now I know that's bullshit.

Damien Brown @damienbrown123

@comicbook_junkie_15 have you not seen the quote his daughter made

comicbook junkie 15 @comicbook_junkie_15

@damienbrown123 yea and it's bullshit

Ethan @the.ethanator

@damienbrown123 Lee's daughter is definitely not a source to be trusted, considering the things she's said and done to her father in his later years.

comicbook junkie 15 @comicbook_junkie_15

@the.ethanator yeah. We may never now the full story but we do now is that marvel studios respected Stan the actors were nice to him and the crew were aswell. Can't believe she's saying this bullshit.

Ethan @the.ethanator

The short of it is: Sony has Spiderman hostage because they know he's profitable and popular when Marvel only wants more creative control and more return for putting their resources into making films with a character they technically still own (Sony leases the film rights from Marvel, they don't OWN spiderman).

Tom Blair @yellowmufasa

Hot take its Disneys fault AND Sonys. They're both billion dollar companies who are just extremely guilty.

Harley @harmonimom

False; Jake Gyllenhaal would never physically hurt Tom Holland. Scare him maybe but never hurt him.

Isaac ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡จ @ye_et_us

@the.ethanator they don't own him when it comes to movies so for all intensive purposes, they don't own him. 2nd of all Sony covers ALL production costs and Disney gets 10 percent of revenue which means that after factoring in production cost their profit split is a lot more than 10 percent and Sony doesnt want a 50 50 split because they'd end up losing

cxraleena @cxraleena

The fact that they used a Spiderman meme for this too

Marley Austin @its_marleyaustin

Peter is gonna have to loose another uncle though

Jamie Lobley @jam.lob

@elite._.dai__ "shouldn't even have Spiderman anyway" well they were sold the movie right fair and square back in 1999, Marvel should have done the smart play and licensed him but, they messed up.

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